Game Design 105: Gamification for Games

This blog will introduce how games help business in gamification and how gamification help games.

Game Design 105: Gamification for Games

Today we are going to use some game design technique that helps marketing strategies to help our game designing.

Confuse right? Well, let me explain this step by step.

What is Gamification?

So first of all, Gamification is a technique that has been discovered over 10 years ago. It is business strategies that help improving customers engagement by implementing a games-like system or mechanic to their marketing.

So this should be about the marketing department or CEO, right? Then what does this do with game design?

In my opinion, Gamification is the best and the simplest way to improve our games which help both designing and marketing at the same time.
Gamification sometimes likes a checklist that reminding if their game good enough or mechanic that ignite some new idea to add or improve the games.

And here it is!

I will let this infographic explains some main idea of Gamification. Be reminded that this is not all about Gamification because Gamification has no exact correct theory. All depends on how we are going to interpret.


If we are talking in the business term, we might think about let our customers invite or persuade their friends to try products or join their businesses.

So if we are talking about game design, maybe we have to think about the co-op system as a choice for players. Single player games are not dead yet, of course. However, have the co-operative mode might increase more opportunities in game marketing for players who concern or serious about playing with their friends.


If we are talking in the business term, think about how much you can do with Starbucks order? Low sugar, unsweetened, soy milk, juices, whip cream, etc. The more that customers can be creative, the more chance that you will satisfy your customer.

So if we are talking about game design, think about Mods in Skyrim that can make players fly like Ironman, Workshop system in Overwatch to make new mode by themselves, or Minecraft that you can build so many things by your own choice.


If we are talking in the business term, can you imagine how much money that Nike or Addidas or Supreme footwear earn per years? All of this happened because they have a limited product that those players have to buy within time limits, they have to come out with many new strategies to have their product. This will help your marketing at the same time.

Well, in game design can do something like that as well. Limited time offer discount, limited edition items that they have to get before the expired date. Or we can interpret in another meaning such as the challenge for players that they have to mastery by experiencing our game.


In the business term, have a story for your own product can improve reliability and make it more valuable. Think about Japanese food that chef will tell you how difficult it is before they get a fish and how hard it is to have these wonderful ingredients.

About game design, you should design experience for players which make them feel that this item or this goal is worth to get and they will never forget how satisfying it is.
Or maybe just think about story narrating, impressive and rich storytelling can make your games more appealing.


Talking about business, complete collection of merchandise or products is one thing that makes customer proud. Or even point system that once they reach the expectation scores, they will have FREE products or big discount.

In game design, you might already be familiar with the achievement system but do not fell for it. Be creative, make sure that those achievements are possible to do and worth to have them. Some silly example would be 10,000 kills without dying in a single game in Apex Legend will be ridiculous, right? How about 4 kills without dying and you will have a special spray for free, now that is more interesting, right?


In business terms, let both your customers and strangers join your special activity will increase the chance to reach out to new customers.

And in game design, just simply think how you are going to design activities or fight mode or another system that players can engage with. The better action design, the more spectacular experience that players will have.

And that is all!

Hope you enjoy this blog. I am still a newbie in game design so any comments or suggestions will be appreciated!


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