From a Small Coffee Shop to a Mobile Game Powerhouse: The Story and Success of PATI Games (part 3- final)

One simple idea, three young founders with a dream, and the story of how they created one of biggest smash hit mobile games ever to come out of South Korea.

After the initial success of "I Love Coffee" the PATI team was left with the question of, 'Now what?' Where could they go from here? The team had launched the game on almost every viable browser source but at this moment a new and ever growing platform had come around: the mobile space. It was the logical step. So, in July 2012 PATI Studios launched "I Love Coffee" on the Apple Appstore and Android GooglePlay. The game did as well as they had hoped it would do.

The title had already gained traction online through the different browser portals and through that they were able to ease the transition to mobile. South Korea, at the time was already moving fast towards this new gaming market and PATI Studio knew that their titles should be no exception. And only a few months later the ever popular social chatting app Kakao Talk approached them to add theirgame to Kakao's new mobile gaming platform. It wasn't an easy decision but  it paid off well as "I Love Coffee" became ranked as the #1 grossing game on both the Apple and Google mobile market shortly thereafter.

PATI Games team 2012 winter

The success of the game not only came in the form of revenue but virtual reach. Many players sent their stories and thanks to the studio. One player was able to reconnect with his daughter through the game play and others were able to find ways to play with old friends they had lost touch with. It had become a way for players to bond with their friends, family, and significant other.

"I Love Coffee" is a ground breaking title, not only for PATI Studios but for KakaoTalk as well, as it helped not only launch their new platform but to make it a successful portal. And in this breakthrough PATI Studios found the way to continue on and move forward as a studio and now as a new company. Their next title "Puzzle Barista" was launched in the beginning of 2013 and quickly ranked 2nd on Google Play at its debut and got over 1 million installs in the first 2 weeks of launch. PATI Studios was on fire.

And in March 2013, they changed to PATI Games Corp and shortly after announced their step forward as not only a developer but as a third party publisher as well. They would continue to produce and develop their own in-house games but would also branch out and help bring high-quality games to Korea and the East Asian market. They also announced their search for potential indie development studios to invest up to $10 million.


In a short three years, this once small studio has become a hugely successful developer and now publisher. Their venture into new territories might be daunting for others but for PATI Games it was only logical. Who is to say what else they might have up their sleeves but we can be sure to believe that it will be interesting.


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