Following GDPR, Steam now discloses a ton of collected account data to users

Now rounded up in one place, Steam users are able to see their past reports, inventory history, uploaded content, award nominations, and much much.

The European Union’s recently implemented GDPR legislation deals with how data is disclosed and handled for users in the EU, and because of that Valve has now introduced a new page that rounds up all the data the company has on an individual to one very packed hub page. 

You’re naturally only able to view data for the account you’re logged in as, but the roundup is still filled with some interesting information about what games Steam has recommended to you specifically in the past and just how much data the platform has on its users altogether.

As Rock Paper Shotgun points out, much of this data was accessible in some way before GDPR went into effect, but has now been collected in one place following the legislation’s implementation.

The page includes over 80 different categories, ranging from things like a detailed lifetime purchase history to information on past reports filed against content or other accounts. 

The May 25 implementation of the European Union’s GDPR legislation was hard to miss, in many cases because the weeks ahead of its start were filled with reports of developers unable to comply with the legislation and partially or entirely ending online service for their games as a result.

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