Find out how to boost your indie game's odds of success at GDC

Game industry veteran Charles Cox sees a rising problem for indie games: discoverability. Next March he'll be speaking at GDC 2015 about what indies can do to make their mark on a crowded market.
Game industry veteran Charles Cox spent a decade working in AAA enterprises like Sierra Studios (SWAT: Urban Justice), Zipper Interactive (SOCOM 4) and Microsoft before founding his own indie studio, 4gency. In the years since, Cox has seen a rising tide in game releases drown out too many talented game makers. Now he's coming to GDC in March to speak about how the future of indie developer success lies not in being a "lone wolf" but rather in cooperation & collaboration. Cox is currently working, among other projects, on the successfully Kickstarted real-time physics-driven orbital strategy game Habitat, pictured above. He believes success is all about figuring out how to sell your game to your fans before you actually launch it into the market, rather than betting on becoming a viral success overnight. If you're concerned about the discoverability of your next game, don't miss Cox's session, "Why Indies Need to Think Backwards to Move Forward," at GDC 2015 next March. He'll be sharing advice, statistics and personal lessons learned to help attendees achieve greater success by adapting tried-and-true promotion strategies to the modern indie game market. Conference organizers look forward to announcing more GDC 2015 sessions in the months ahead. In the meantime, don't miss your chance to save money by registering early -- the deadline to register for passes at a discounted rate is January 21, 2015. GDC 2015 itself will take place March 2-6 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. For more information on the conference, visit the show's official website, or subscribe to regular updates via Facebook, Twitter, or RSS. Gamasutra and GDC are sibling organizations under parent UBM Tech.

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