Fig Open Access offers devs an 'open-ended' crowdfunding option

The equity crowdfunding platform Fig has launched a new milestone based funding system for developers that choose to launch games through its service.

The equity crowdfunding platform Fig has launched a new funding system for developers interested in funding games through its service.

Dubbed Fig Open Access, the new variant gives developers a way to crowdfund through a somewhat milestone-based system, rather than the traditional method of setting a funding goal and time period.

It’s a sort of early-access-meets-crowdfunding option that gives developers a way to continually solicit funds while working on the development of their game.

According to VentureBeat, developers that host a Fig Open Access campaign receive funding as soon as it is pledged and instead publicly share content roadmaps. Those that back the project, meanwhile, are given access to the latest build of the game and any updates that are published throughout the game’s time in Fig Open Access.

Instead of stretch goals for receiving funding over its initial crowdfunding ask, Fig’s Open Access features funding milestones through a game’s development. As those milestones are achieved, the project adds new features to the in-development game.

The indie game Vargus is already up on Fig under the new system, and offers a peek at what this kind of campaign looks like in action. So far, the project has cleared four funding milestones with just over $15,000 raised and promised things like extended narration, new combat backgrounds, and journal improvements in return.

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