Facebook's new App Center takes inspiration from Apple's App Store

Facebook is hoping to bring more exposure to mobile-compatible apps on its platform with App Connect, a central hub that takes close inspiration from digital marketplaces such as Apple's App Store.
Facebook is getting ready to roll out a new major feature that should bring more exposure to its game apps, particularly those compatible with mobile devices. Taking inspiration from digital marketplaces such as Apple's App Store, Facebook's App Center is a dedicated section for applications that will appear on both the web and mobile versions of the network in coming weeks. Particular emphasis is being placed on the mobile version of the App Center: when viewed on mobile device, the App Center takes on an appearance very similar to the mobile version of the App Store, complete with categorization, similar "Install" buttons, descriptions and five-star ratings, and specifically lists apps that will work on a user's mobile device. Facebook tells us that an app's visibility on the App Center is measured by several factors, primarily user ratings and engagement. Visibility is also custom tailored to the end user, much in the same way advertising and news feeds are currently. The App Center is not live at present, though Facebook is encouraging developers to submit what it's calling an App Detail Page -- a requirement for being listed on the App Center -- starting today. Submission guidelines are available here.

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