Facebook aims to bring players back to desktop games with video ads

New system primed to "drive installs" of desktop games on Facebook -- a segment of the site that is still vibrant but continues to decline.

Newsbrief: Today Facebook announced that it's bringing video ads to its desktop apps "to attract more people to install and play Facebook desktop games." As users view more videos on the site, there are more opportunities to drive them, via ads, to try new games, Facebook maintains.

Games are still a big part of Facebook on desktop, but as the overall industry continues its transition to mobile -- and the company trumpets its own mobile efforts -- they have lost their shine. Over its last few earnings calls, Facebook has said that its desktop app payments revenue is declining and will continue to decline.

However, there may still be a chance for success on the platform: Criminal Case launched in 2013 as big industry players began to focus on mobile, and became a huge hit on the platform; now, it's a major title across multiple platforms, including mobile, for its developer Pretty Simple.

You can find out more about Facebook's video ad program (including how to sign up) at its official blog.

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