Eugen Systems devs on strike after claiming violation of rights

The French studio has confirmed that 21 out of its 44 employees have walked out in protest over labor law violations. 

A group of developers from Eugen Systems are on strike after citing labor law violations. Known for the Wargame franchise, the French studio has confirmed that 21 out of its 44 employees walked out yesterday in protest over management. 

In an open letter published to Le Syndicat des Travailleurs et Travailleuses du Jeu Vidéo (Union of Video Game Workers), the post alleges how Eugen neglected to compensate developers for overtime, refused to acknowledge contracts with some of its employees, and has ignored minimum wage laws. 

"It has now been nearly fifteen months since we have been discussing with management serious violations of our rights," the letter explains. "In front of the wall that was opposed to us during the first six months of negotiations, we were forced to call on a lawyer to remind the law of our employer." 

Eugen Systems came out with a statement acknowledging an issue with its recent payslips going out late, but attributed them to a delay in complications caused by legislative reforms.

The strike comes a day after Eugen Systems released Back to Hell, an expansion of Steel Divison: Normandy 44.

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