Eugen devs end strike after management refuse to negotiate

The developers at Eugen Systems have ceased their strike after negotiations with management came to a standstill.

The developers at Eugen Systems have ceased their strike after negotiations with management came to a standstill.

It's an acrimonious end to proceedings, with those on strike deciding to conserve their resources for future endeavors after management refused to budge. 

The strike began back in February, when the Wargame and Steel Division maker saw 21 of its 44 employees walk out in protest over unfair treatment. 

The studio was lambasted by staff for failing to compensate them for overtime, ignoring minimum wage laws, and refusing to acknowledge employee contracts. 

The strike lasted almost two months, but those protesting admitted they were struggling to make any headway, having hit out at management just two weeks ago for ignoring their demands and refusing to negotiate. 

"After six weeks on strike and an obvious lack of will to change the situation, Eugen Systems' management finally show their true colors and aren't trying to hide the fact they have no intention negotiating anymore," wrote Eugen's striking workers towards the end of March. 

"Our last meeting of Friday, March 23, lasted only a quarter of an hour. And for good reason, confronted with systematic rejection from management, we asked whether they would accept to negotiate anything. Their answer was brief and precise: no."

The Eugen management team clearly hasn't experienced a change of heart in the two weeks since, but even though the strike has petered out, the company's employees claim the battle is far from over. 

"We will continue to fight for our rights with the legal means at our disposal. Therefore, approximately fifteen Eugen Systems employees and ex-employees have seized the prud’hommes (French labor tribunal)," they wrote in a new post on the Union of Video Game Workers website.

"It is thanks to the support we received that we were able to hold out for more than a month and a half. The public interest (media, politicians, players…) for this novel social movement reinforces us in the idea that it was not in vain, and that we were right to fight for our rights. We want this industry to mature, to recognize the value of our work and of our skills."

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