Epic Games leads GDC Europe's lineup of great sponsored talks

Passes for GDC Europe 2015 are still available at a discounted Early Bird rate, and as the show draws nigh we're debuting a pair of sponsored sessions on UE4 and PowerVR that you'll want to check out.

Game devs, take note: Passes for GDC Europe 2015 are still available at a discounted Early Bird rate, and as the August conference draws closer we're announcing even more sessions that you'll want to check out.

Today we're highlighting a pair of informative sponsored sessions from Unreal Engine 4 developer Epic Games and Imagination Technologies, the British company responsible for the PowerVR graphics technologies.

If you're looking for an opportunity to learn about these companies' cutting-edge hardware and software works from a game developer's perspective, you'll want to keep these talks on your radar.

How to get the most out of UE4's component system

By attending Epic's sponsored sessions "UE4 Component Design: From Blueprint Prototype to C++" you'll have the chance to learn how to create your own functionality components within Unreal Engine 4, from prototyping to native implementation.

Starting with UE4's powerful visual scripting language Blueprint, you'll see how to create a customized physics component prototype, as a tech artist generates the desired functionality right inside the editor. A programmer will then take over and make a C++ implementation of that prototype, gaining all the performance benefits of native code over a scripting language.

Catch up on where PowerVR is, and where it's going

Check out Imagination Technologies' "PowerVR Graphics - Latest Developments and Future Plans" session to get an overview of Imagination's hardware and software roadmaps for PowerVR graphics and PowerVR ray tracing technologies.

Company experts will explain the key features of the PowerVR Series7 architecture, their plans for the Wizard ray tracing hardware and detail the APIs and extensions they'll be supporting in the near future, such as the Khronos group's yet to be released Vulkan API. 

These promise to be an intriguing talks, and you can find more details about both -- as well as all the other exciting sessions that are taking place at the conference -- over on the GDC Europe Schedule Builder.

Reminder: Early birds can register for GDC Europe 2015 by July 8th to save 200 euros on an All Access Pass. The conference itself will take place August 3rd and 4th in Cologne, Germany.

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