Enabling ads in Street Fighter V boosts in-game currency rewards

All in all, Capcom says that optional ads will hit the game on December 11 and will "be displayed in several locations in-game to remind you about costumes, bundles, and the Capcom Pro Tour."

Capcom has introduced optional sponsored content that brands character outfits, loading screens, and level decor in Street Fighter V with advertisements for things like DLC and events such as the upcoming Capcom Pro Tour.

While the odd splash-screen to remind players of upcoming events and promotions isn’t entirely unheard of, the degree to which Street Fighter V features these advertisements is unusual, especially considering that the game itself isn’t a free-to-play title.

All in all, Capcom says that sponsored content will hit the game on December 11, 2018 and will “be displayed in several locations in-game to remind you about costumes, bundles, and the Capcom Pro Tour.”

Players have the option to toggle both if they want to see promotional logos in-game and, to some degree, where those logos show up if enabled. Those that choose to show sponsored content in their games get bonus “fight money” from both ranked and casual online matches as well, though exactly how much hasn't been detailed outside of a note that there will be a limit to exactly how much extra cash players receive. 

As detailed in a blog post, each and every Street Fighter V character will have an “Ad Style” costume that pops a few logos for the content being advertised, currently the Capcom Pro Tour esports event, somewhere on their person. The picture below offers a look at what that first promotion will look like, both in terms of costume changes and advertisements that will show up in many of the game’s stages.

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