DICE GM Patrick Bach stepping down after 15 years

DICE general manager Patrick Bach is stepping down after almost 15 years at the Battlefield developer. 

Newsbrief: DICE general manager Patrick Bach is stepping down after almost 15 years with the Battlefield developer. 

EA confirmed the news in a statement to PlayStation Lifestyle, which initially reported that Bach was leaving to spend more time with his family. 

Since joining DICE in 2002 -- four years before EA purchased the studio -- Bach has spent most of his time working on the Battlefield franchise, with the well-received WW1 shooter Battlefield 1 being the latest and last entry on his CV. 

"Patrick Bach has been a great colleague to many across DICE and EA for almost 15 year," said EA Worldwide Studios EVP, Patrick Söderlund.

"We thank him for all of his contributions, especially to our Battlefield franchise and community, and wish him all the best on his next adventure."

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