Devs can now reply directly to user reviews on the Apple App Store

A recent iOS update gives developers the ability to reply directly to customer reviews on Apple's digital App Store storefront.

Apple has updated both the iOS and macOS digital App Store storefronts to give developers the ability to reply directly to user reviews. 

Previously, the App Store didn’t offer a straightforward way for developers to directly address problems or criticisms players might have experienced while using their apps.

The new system posts a public response right below the review, giving developers the ability to help players through an issue or address their concerns.

According to TechCrunch, developers will be able to communicate directly with customers that have reviewed their apps after updating to either iOS 10.3 or macOS 10.12.4. The new feature can be found in the iTunes Connect developer dashboard under Ratings and Reviews.

Following a response, the reviewer is then notified by email and given links to both update their original review or contact the app’s developer directly. 

Apple has offered a handful of guidelines to help developers make the best of the new commenting system on its website. Additionally, the site also details on some of the other changes included in the latest pair of updates, including the option to use a new API that prompts users to share a review for an app without redirecting them to the App Store.

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