Creative England and Andy Serkis' Imaginarium form new publisher

Creative England and The Imaginarium Studios, a leading performance capture studio, will join forces to form a new independent publisher.

Creative England and The Imaginarium Studios, a leading performance capture studio, will join forces to form a new independent publisher. 

The partnership was announced today at Creative England Live 2016, and will see both companies work together to develop and curate video games and original IPs across a number of platforms. 

Creative England is a not-for-profit organization that mobilizes public and private recourses to garner more support for the UK's creative England, while The Imaginarium Studios, founded in 2011 by Andy Serkis and Jon Cavendish, offers motion capture services to those in the film, television, video game, and music industries.

According to Creative England the deal will help the UK video game industry "develop and grow", and if all goes as planned the new publisher is hoping to bring between 5 to 10 games to market in its first year of business. 

As part of the deal, Creative England will also back a game created by Imaginarium based on the new Planet of the Apes movies. 

Solomon Nwabueze, director of content at Creative England, believes that the partnership will "provide a route to market for many of the [UK's] content creators and businesses," helping bridge the gap between smaller studios, grassroots talents, and the industry's global players.

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