Controversial freelance firm Fiverr opens game services store

The freelancing services company that's drawn heat for its advertising and cheap services has announced a dedicated push into the game development space.

"Freelance marketplace" firm Fiverr has launched a new store for game development services. Debuting one month after the company's initial public offering, the store advertises a mix of development and streaming-focused services, ranging from Unity and Unreal development to more fringe services like game coaching and setting up Discord bots. 

Fiverr's cropped up in the game development space before, with more than one developer using its services to secure cheap freelance art or other creative assets.

Before reaching out to freelancers on Fiverr however, developers should know that the company has invited controversy both for its unpopular advertising and arguments that it's depressing the wages of freelance workers. 

A quick scan of Fiverr's game-focused store shows game art and UI/UX freelancers offering their services starting around $30, with Unity development services starting at less than $200.

In a statement, Fiverr CEO Micha Kaufman says it's seen an uptick in game developers using the service in the last year, but as Game Workers Unite spokesperson Marijam DidžgalvytÄ— explained to Newsweek, "when the market dictates how much a person's value is worth, contractors are encouraged to compete against each other and undervalue their work."

Fiverr previously made headlines in the video game industry for being the platform that YouTuber PewDiePie used to promote anti-Semitism.

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