Competitive Gaming Video Service TwitchTV Launches Partner Program live video game streaming network spin-off TwitchTV unveiled its Partner Program Wednesday morning, providing streaming services and ad revenue to competitive gamers with a large following. live video game streaming network spin-off TwitchTV unveiled its Partner Program Wednesday morning, which provides competitive gameplay streams, an ad network and revenue sharing opportunities to competitive game players. Revenue opportunities for those participating in the Partner Program are provided in the form of pre-roll advertising, mid-roll commercial breaks, and channel subscriptions, the company said. "The Partner Program provides a way for our broadcasters to turn their passion for gaming into a profession," co-founder and CTO Emmett Shear, who serves as TwitchTV's GM. "We are dedicated to connecting people around the games they love, and this is one more piece of that puzzle." TwitchTV launched during E3 last month to capitalize on a growing number of competitive gameplay viewers. The site already claims over 3.2 million unique users per month, with 4.5 hours of video viewed per viewer. The news closely follows the announcement that IGN Entertainment has created a dedicated sector of its business to professional gaming and eSports. More information about the new Partner Program is available here.

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