Cloud streaming startup Polystream nets $12 million in funding

Polystream is a "deep tech" startup that wants to change how demanding interactive 3D applications -- such as video games -- are streamed from the cloud. 

Cloud technology company Polystream has secured $12 million in funding through a Series A investment round led by Intel Capital, and propped up by Wargaming and Lauder Partners.

It's notable news with the GDC unveiling of Google Stadia, a game streaming platform that will let people play high-end games without the need for a console, still fresh in the memory. 

Much like Stadia, Polystream believes it can streamline and simplify how demanding interactive 3D applications -- such as video games -- are streamed from the cloud, making the technology much more accessible. 

The company was co-founded by Bruce Grove back in 2015, who was formally the head of engineering and general manager at the now defunct cloud gaming platform, OnLive, which was purchased and shut down by Sony in 2015.

Polystream will use the cash injection to recruit top talent from around the world, expand its marketing activities, and accelerate development of its cloud streaming tech, with Grove suggesting the company will pioneer new approaches to cloud gaming.

"Audiences around the world are increasingly hungry for the richest and most graphically complex content to be streamed instantly," explained the co-founder and CEO.

"The current approach of deploying GPUs in the cloud to deliver compressed video, whether for playing games or any other high-fidelity application, is eye-wateringly expensive and just does not scale. It’s why cloud gaming remains the hardest of streaming problems to solve; anyone can stream games, but the business of streaming is broken."

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