Citing support issues, Epic stops selling Infinity Blade games

Epic has removed Chair Entertainment's three Infinity Blade iOS games from sale on Apple's App Store, explaining that it no longer makes sense for the company to support the games.

In a blog post today Epic Games confirmed reports that it has removed Chair Entertainment's three Infinity Blade iOS games from sale on Apple's App Store, explaining that it no longer makes sense for the company to support the games.

It's a notable departure given the impact of the original Infinity Blade in 2011, when it debuted as the first Unreal Engine mobile game and went on to set new benchmarks for mobile game design.

But the trilogy of action-RPG swipe-'em-ups are a few years old at this point (Infinity Blade III debuted in 2013), and Epic clams that "with the development of Spyjinx and other projects, it has become increasingly difficult for our team to support the Infinity Blade series at a level that meets our standards."

Spyjinx is, of course, the spy game project that Infinity Blade dev Chair Entertainment announced it was working on in conjunction with film director J.J. Abrams and his Bad Robot production company.

As far as other projects go, Epic currently seems intently focused on the continued success of Fortnite and the recent launch of its own Epic Games Store. The company has also shut down all microtransactions offered within the Infinity Blade games, though it plans to continue updating Infinity Blade III through at least the end of the year. 

Incidentally, devs can still download the Infinity Blade Unreal Engine assets (culled mainly from cancelled spin-off Infinity Blade: Dungeons) that Epic released for free in 2015. For more insight into the origins and impact of Infinity Blade, check out this in-depth chat we had with the game's dev team back in 2011.

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