CD Projekt says employee data may have leaked in February breach

CD Projekt has shared more details about the cyber attack on the studio that took place back in February.

In a suspiciously-timed press release put out during the kickoff for Geoff Keighley’s Summer Games Fest, CD Projekt Red parent company CD Projekt shared more details about the February cyber attack on the company, saying it now believes employee data have been compromised in the breach.

In the announcement, the company confirms that the personal data of current employees, former employees, and contractor details may have been exposed in the attack, along with “data related to our games.”

CD Projekt also shared some of the improved security steps it’s taken over the last few months. The company says it’s updated its core IT infrastructure, added new firewalls and remote-access technology, and limited the number of privileged accounts, along with other new security steps.

The company also added that it would “do everything in [its] power to protect the privacy of [its] employees, as well as all other involved parties.”

Former employees and contractors are encouraged to visit this site for information on protecting their personal data.

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