Capcom will focus on PC for the future of Monster Hunter: World

Capcom has published a summary of its investor Q&A following the release of its financial report last week.

Capcom has published a summary of its investor Q&A following the release of its financial report for the six months ended September 30. Unsurprisingly, there were a lot of questions about the future of Monster Hunter: World, as the game continues to be the driving force behind the company's success. 

Monster Hunter: World  has shipped over 10 million units since launching back in January this year, and has continued to drive profits for the Japanese company, which reported an increase in profits thanks to successful sales of the game. 

When prompted about the promotional plan for Monster Hunter: World, Capcom stressed the importance of retaining current users while aiming to bring in new players by carrying out pricing strategies.

"We will also work toward developing the player community through holding real-world events overseas, similar to those held in Japan," the summary reads. 

As for the promotional plan for Capcom's other upcoming major releases, the company says it will focus on bolstering digital marketing in order to promote sales of the remake of Resident Evil 2, which is expected to be released January 25 2019.

"This is carried out through centralizing management of sales data such as preorders and sales trends, and via analysis of various data points, including distribution of age, the repeat purchase rate, as well as feedback from comments on social networking sites."

Because Monster Hunter: World will be coming up on a year since being released for consoles, there was some speculation around the game's future and how much growth remained for the title. "We typically develop two-to three-year sales plans for major titles," Capcom explained.

"For Monster Hunter: World's second year, we have planned for a reasonable sales figure given the 7.9 million units it sold in the first year of its release. We will endeavor to grow sales further in the second half of this fiscal year with a focus on the PC version of the game."

Also worth mentioning is a question regarding any impact China's censorship law may have had on Capcom, although the company's answer was ambiguous.  

"Because we fundamentally carry out business expansion in China through Tencent, we are not in a position to comment on this. We will continue to actively approach this massive market going forward; however as it does carry a degree of country risk, we would like to proceed one step at a time while ascertaining the situation."

To view the entire Q&A summary, click here. 

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