Capcom taking cues from F2P games in designing Street Fighter V

Capcom seems to be taking a page from popular F2P games like League of Legends by designing Street Fighter V with dual in-game currencies: one earned by playing the game, one bought with real money.

Capcom seems to be taking a page from popular F2P games like League of Legends while designing Street Fighter V, noting in a blog post today that the upcoming PlayStation 4 game will feature dual in-game currencies: one that's earned by playing the game, and one that's paid for with real money.

Those currencies can be used to buy post-launch content, though the company took pains to note that all gameplay-related content will be purchasable with currency earned by playing the game.

It's a novel design decision for the main Street Fighter series, which has historically seen post-launch content distributed via premium-priced addon packs or actual physical rereleases (Super Street Fighter IV, Ultra Street Fighter IV, etc.) 

The new model Capcom proposes is much akin to the recently-released Mortal Kombat X's microtransaction system, and it highlights the spreading influence of highly successful F2P dual-currency games like Farmville and League of Legends. 

However, it's not the first time Capcom has experimented with microtransactions in a fighting game; back in 2012 the company drew some heat for building purchasable, gameplay-affecting "gems" into Street Fighter X Tekken. 

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