Capcom is putting Street Fighter V on SteamOS, with Steam Controller support

Valve's Linux-based SteamOS platform will get another feather in its cap next year when, according to a Capcom blog post, Street Fighter V will launch on SteamOS with Steam Controller support.

Valve's Linux-based SteamOS platform will get another feather in its cap next year when, according to a Capcom blog postStreet Fighter V will launch on SteamOS with Steam Controller support.

This isn't the first time Capcom has ported its flagship fighting game franchise to the PC, but it is the first time it's worked with Valve to ensure a Street Fighter game will run on SteamOS.

It's important because Valve has long touted SteamOS as a competitor for traditional game consoles in the living room, and now it will have one of the more popular local multiplayer games running natively on its platform. Capcom has already confirmed that Street Fighter V will support cross-platform online multiplayer matches between players on PC and PlayStation 4; it's yet unclear if that will also extend to this SteamOS version.

The fact that Capcom is promising to support the Steam Controller is also intriguing, because (as of a month or two ago) very few Steam developers had created Steam Controller configurations for their games.

Gamasutra EIC Kris Graft suggested that creating a Steam Controller configuration for your game, as Capcom will now do for SFV, is an easy way to make your game more approachable and potentially attractive to a wider audience.

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