Capcom Europe has a new CEO

Kunio Neo, the current CEO of Capcom Europe, has stepped down, with Hiroshi Tobisawa taking his place.
Kunio Neo, the current CEO of Capcom Europe, has stepped down, with Hiroshi Tobisawa taking his place, the company said today. Tobisawa has moved through the Capcom ranks, holding positions as president and managing corporate officer of Capcom US, as well as director of overseas business and, until today, director of Capcom Asia. Neo served as Capcom Europe's CEO for the past two years. Neo issued a statement with his departure: "It is with great sadness that I announce today that I am to leave Capcom. I am incredibly proud to have had the chance to work with the team at Capcom Europe over the last two years. My successor, Hiroshi Tobisawa, has a long and distinguished record working at Capcom and I look forward to seeing what the company goes on to achieve under his management." Tobisawa gave his own statement upon assuming the role. "It is an honor to be taking over from Kunio Neo whom I would like to thank for all his efforts in recent years. I am looking forward to working with the various teams across Europe to continue to build on our success as we look into the future."

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