Bungie activates remote work policy in response to COVID-19 outbreak

Bungie employees around the globe are being asked to work remotely in order to help stem the spread of the coronavirus.

Bungie employees around the globe are being asked to work remotely in order to help stem the spread of the coronavirus.

The Seattle-based studio explained it has activated a "fully remote work infrastructure and policy" for all of its staff members, and has rolled out technical solutions that will allow the team to maintain communication and continue development on Destiny 2

It's notable to see a studio the size of Bungie sanction such a large-scale response to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, although its a situation that's becoming increasingly common as other major U.S. companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Google also move to encourage their employees to work from home in order to shield each other from the coronavirus. 

"While health and safety are our top priority, we also recognize the importance of maintaining the continuity of our regular Bungie business operations and have rapidly built a remote work infrastructure to best support this. This includes delivering on our current content plans, the maintenance and upkeep of Destiny 2, as well as continuing development of the game," wrote the company.

"Today, we have activated this fully remote work infrastructure and policy for all Bungie employees across the globe, with the goals of prioritizing the safety of our employees and continuing to develop and deliver on a game we love for our community."

Although Bungie says it is already thinking about how it will eventually re-integrate employees back into their local offices once the coronavirus threat as subsided, some believe the situation could actually result in more demand for remote working opportunities after the dust has settled. 

Speaking at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference earlier this week, Take-Two Interactive chief Strauss Zelnick said the coronavirus outbreak could chip away at some of the skepticism surrounding remote work -- including his own.

"I actually think one of the things that might come out of this, if it’s as widespread as I think it will be, one unexpected consequence is a lot of us who are skeptical about remote work are gonna be less skeptical about it," Zelnick said. "I’m one of them, by the way; I’m not a big believer in remote work. But I think I may be surprised."

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