Blizzard using in-game rewards to promote Overwatch League streams on Twitch

In collaboration with Blizzard, Twitch announced today that in-game rewards can be earned by Overwatch League viewers.

In collaboration with Blizzard, Twitch announced today that in-game rewards can be earned by Overwatch League viewers who either engage in chat by cheering or stay through to watch an entire match live. 

Even though Overwatch League boasted a strong opening week, announcing the possibility for exclusive in-game content is likely an attempt to encourage viewers to stay throughout an entire broadcast.

As reported by The Verge, viewers who cheer in chat (using animated emotes purchased with real money) during a match will have the chance to earn exclusive Overwatch items like rare skins or emotes. 

Cheering requires viewers to purchase bits, a for-purchase form of currency on Twitch

Bits can be purchased by viewers, which can then be used to cheer during Twitch chats. They're usually used to show extra support to streamers during a broadcast. 

Viewers who stay through an entire live broadcast will have the possibility to earn League tokens, a virtual currency in Overwatch used to purchase in-game League specific skins.

In order to earn League tokens, viewers must link their account with their Twitch account.

The partnership with Blizzard and Twitch runs through Overwatch League's first two seasons and grants the streaming service third-party live streaming rights for eSports competitions for Blizzard's games.

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