Blizzard does away with World of Warcraft Battle Chest pricing

An update to the Blizzard store appears to confirm that purchasing the base game of World of Warcraft will no longer be required, only a subscription to the game.

Blizzard appears to have made a slight tweak to the pricing of World of Warcraft. The Battle Chest, a purchase needed to unlock all previously-released game content, has been de-listed. 

Elsewhere, the World of Warcraft subscription listing now reads "get access to World of Warcraft and every expansion through Legion with your subscription—no additional purchase required."

Previously it was mandated that new players purchase a copy of the game (which basically means the Battle Chest) for a flat fee before buying a monthly subscription. It appears now that purchasing a game subscription covers the price of all existing World of Warcraft up through Legion, the previously-released expansion. 

This is a big change for the long-running MMORPG, which raked in millions of dollars requiring players to buy copies of the game, purchase subscriptions, then individual expansion packs, long before implementing in-app purchases. 

Players new and old will still need to buy Battle for Azeroth, the upcoming expansion for World of Warcraft, which currently runs at $49.99. We've reached out to Blizzard for comment on this pricing change, and will update this story when they get back to us. 

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