Best of iOS News: From Tekken Bowl to Groove Coaster

Gamasutra rounds up the latest news in the world of App Store gaming, featuring standout releases like Tekken Bowl, Groove Coaster, Silent Ops, and Zombie Gunship.
[Gamasutra rounds up the latest news in the world of App Store gaming, featuring standout releases like Tekken Bowl, Groove Coaster, Silent Ops, and Zombie Gunship.] - Space Invaders Infinity Gene Director Launches Follow-Up Groove Coaster Groove Coaster is a new rhythm-based action game from Taito and Infinity Gene director Reisuke Ishida, offering a variety of playable tracks and challenging gameplay modes. - Bowl with a Panda in Tekken Bowl for iOS "Rumors swirled last year that Namco's Tekken series would, at some point, challenge Capcom's Street Fighter IV in the App Store. This week brings Tekken's long-awaited iOS the form of the free-to-play spinoff game Tekken Bowl." - TowerMadness Creators Release Strategy Title Zombie Gunship A fast seller in its debut week, Limbic Software's Zombie Gunship is an aerial defense title that pits a heavily armed AC-130 against armies of the undead. - Rockfish: Pixel's New iOS Game "Daisuke 'Pixel' Amaya, the man who many believe is responsible for the modern indie gaming movement, via his groundbreaking PC freeware hit Cave Story, is now working with iOS. Work on Rockfish began this past February, and since then, he's maintained an online diary, to keep everyone abreast of his project." - Gameloft Releases Stealth-Action Game Silent Ops Mobile publisher Gameloft tackles the spy genre with Silent Ops, a third-person action game with stealth and espionage elements. - The Pickford Bros. Release Addictive Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint On iOS For Free "Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint is now out on the App Store, where you can download it for free with 20 levels (additional stages and arcade modes available as in-app purchases)." - Machinarium Coming to iPad Soon "Along with its upcoming PSN and WiiWare versions, point-and-click adventure game Machinarium will also arrive on iPad soon. Amanita Design's critically-acclaimed title originally released in October 2009, and was an Independent Games Festival award winner (Excellence In Visual Art) that year."

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