As Facebook devs flock to mobile, Madfinger goes the opposite direction

Following big success on mobile platforms, Czech Republic-based Shadowgun developer Madfinger has released a version of its latest game on Facebook.
Newsbrief: In a move that may sound a little backwards to those people who've watched countless companies migrate from Facebook games to mobile, Shadowgun and Dead Trigger studio Madfinger has released a version of its latest game on Facebook. The Czech Republic-based studio is best known for its successful mobile releases, including the Shadowgun shooter series. The latest in the franchise, Shadowgun: Deadzone, has now also received a release on Facebook, as well as a standalone PC and Mac download. Notably, players can login to any of the versions of the game with a single user account, and play across all platforms. Madfinger CEO Marek Rabas says that the company is not looking to compete with AAA titles on PC, but rather is "just looking for other ways to open up the multiplayer action to new players." More information can be found on the Madfinger website.

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