Amid PS4 virtual reality rumors, Oculus is ready for some competition

"The more players that there are in this industry, the easier that it will be to make virtual reality content," says Oculus VR co-founder Palmer Luckey, amid rumors that Sony is developing its own VR headset.
With renewed interest in virtual reality devices for games, reports are circulating that Sony may have its own VR headset in development for the PlayStation 4. Eurogamer cites unnamed sources who say Sony has a device that will work similarly to the Oculus Rift, which utilizes two high-resolution screens inside a head-mounted display. Reportedly, Sony's device was intended to show at last week's Gamescom, but is now set to be unveiled sometime in 2014. We've heard similar rumblings, but further details of the rumored device are tightly under wraps. Eurogamer's report comes shortly after Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey spoke with us at Gamescom in Germany. While not talking about specific VR products from other companies, he did say that competition in the VR space is inevitable -- and that Oculus is ready for it. "There will be other people, I'm sure, and in a way that's good, because the more people get into the space the more that legitimizes it," Luckey told Gamasutra in the interview, published today. "It shows that there actually is a market and that there are plenty of people that are interested in doing it besides us, and I think that it might mean more content. The more players that there are in this industry, the easier that it will be to make virtual reality content if there are multiple platforms that it can be on." Likewise, Luckey says he is not concerned about Oculus VR getting jockeyed out of position. "We have the first mover advantage," he says. "We've [also] got a really good SDK that makes it really easy for game developers to port games over and make virtual reality games. I think we've got the best team in the industry so far. I think that we're going to continue to make the best hardware in the industry. As long as we can make the best hardware, have the best people, and make the best software for developers, I think that we'll be able to stay in front." Sony has dabbled in the VR space with the HMZ-T series (pictured), but hasn't made any serious attempt to connect VR to its PlayStation brand.

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