After a four-month suspension, Batman: Arkham Knight is back on Steam

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment republished Batman: Arkham Knight on Steam today after abruptly suspending sales of the PC version of the game this summer due to serious performance problems.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment republished Batman: Arkham Knight on Steam today after abruptly suspending sales of the PC version of the game this summer due to serious performance problems.

It's rare to see a publisher or developer outright remove a troubled game from Steam, and WB is trying to mollify frustrated customers by (among other things) working with Valve to give free digital copies of every other Batman: Arkham game to Steam users who has purchased or will purchase Arkham Knight by November 16th. 

The two companies are also trying to juice Arkham Knight Steam sales through a cross-promotion that will see free Team Fortress 2 cosmetic items awarded to anyone who purchased the newly republished Batman game on Steam before said November date.

The PC version of Arkham Knight has remained playable through Steam for those who purchased it before its four-month suspension, and in that time it has been patched numerous times to address said performance issues.

Now that it's back on sale, WB staffers are doubling down on providing patch notes and updates about the technical state of the game post-launch.

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