Ad Feature: Increase game revenue with app bidding on Facebook Audience Network

Game developers on mobile platforms face a challenging marketplace. So how can they be more efficient and effective when building their business? Michael Bertaut, director of Facebook Audience Network EMEA joins us to talk about creating a sustainable developer ecosystem.

Presented by Facebook Audience Network

Game developers on mobile platforms face a challenging marketplace. So how can they be more efficient and effective when building their business?

That's where Facebook Audience Network and app bidding come into play. App bidding is a more effective alternative to the waterfall method for app advertising in which businesses spend incredible amounts of time optimizing waterfall setups that may not yield maximum CPMs.

"[App] bidding, on the other hand, which is fully automated and transparent, has created a more fair, a more open and a more efficient ad ecosystem," explains Michael Bertaut, director of Facebook Audience Network EMEA. (Full video interview embedded above.)

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App bidding allows mobile game publishers to put their ad inventory up for real-time auction with would-be advertisers bidding against each other for space. The competitive nature of app bidding drives up the CPM for publishers and developers.

In other words, you could earn more money from your game with less work.

That's why Facebook Audience Network is becoming bidding only in 2021 beginning with iOS.

"Bidding has just really gained increasing momentum [with] more publishers, demand sources, and mediation platforms," says Bertaut, "and the wider ad tech ecosystem is adopting bidding as its preferred approach for sustainable ad monetization."

Bertaut notes that Facebook Audience Network has been testing bidding since 2017 with the ultimate goal of moving exclusively toward the method. In particular, with new changes coming with iOS 14, waterfall ad placement will become even more complex.

As announced last year, mobile game publishers and developers will need to migrate iOS apps to bidding by March 31, 2021 in order to continue to monetize on Facebook Audience Network.

"As more publishers experience the financial and the operational benefits of bidding, it's a natural evolution that bidding will become the standard ad monetization practice for the industry," says Bertaut.

In short, Bertaut says the switch to app bidding is superior to waterfall in the following ways:

"In the simplest of terms, we're saying that moving to bidding can save you a bunch of time and [could] help you make more money," says Bertaut.

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Watch the video above and download Facebook Audience Network's free report on app bidding. Or, you can get started on the switch now at Facebook Audience Network's developer site.

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