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A Moment of Catharsis and an Apology

R.I.P. Gameloft NYC. Just wanted to say a few words about it.

I no longer work for Gameloft in New York City, though I was not part of the closure this week. I actually left one month ago to the day that it happened. I left the studio because I began to disagree with upper management's decisions, nothing extraordinary. I wasn't there long, having transferred from another Gameloft studio in January.

When I left though, I left behind almost 100 people. Truly wonderful, insanely talented, deeply good-hearted people. I absolutely treasure the friends I made there. I am doing what I can to help. I wish I had enough time, more time, to do real outplacement. Why is outplacement such a foreign idea in this industry? Why isn't it done right and more often? Why on God's green Earth do I care enough to be writing this at 1am about company I don't even work for anymore?

I have always been passionate about this work I suppose. I 100% believe in the power of finding someone the right job. Finding them a place where, if they must leave their homes and families everyday, they can come to a home away from home where they can showcase their abilities and get paid fairly in turn. I think that's what makes me decently good at what I do. But for Gameloft NYC I feel an apology is in order.

Of course I know that I am not responsible for the entire shut down of a major international game company's studio. This is for a few particular people, and I think you know who you are. You are the final few I recruited in the last months I was there. When I no longer 100% believed all the good things about the future. My gut could have been wrong - I said when I left, and fully believed, that I would be missing out on many good things to come for that studio - but it wasn't. I had no idea know a shut down would happen, and yes I still had to do my job. But it didn't feel quite right then and sure as hell doesn't now. I encouraged you to join a studio that closed within months. For that, I am deeply sorry

To everyone, thank you for all the board game nights, the laughs, the amazing work you all did! I'm so sorry it ended. We had some awesome times. You will all land on your feet. And I can't wait to see what you do next. Cheers.

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