5 Things You Need To Know : Before Submitting Your Game On Steam Direct (2021 Edition)

5 Things You Need To Know : Before Submitting Your Game On Steam Direct (2021)





5 Things You Need To Know : Before Submitting Your Game To Steam Direct (2021) 

So its 2021, your a game developer and getting your game on the steam marketplace is a prority and you want to do it properly - we’ll like any process is a series of steps you have to take , in this series we will cover everything from start to finish on submitting your game on steam direct ( which if you don’t know is the current system steam has in place for independent developers to submit their games, there used to be a voting system called steam green light and now in 2021 with steam things are a little different… but if your confused don’t worry because here’s my top 5 things to know before submitting your game on steam via steam direct, submission page link of course is below in the description !


Thing to know 5 ; Your studio name / publisher

Now if your a seasoned developer this probably wont apply to you as you already probably have an established studio and name however new game developers beware as the studios name you choose will be on your developer [profile AND on your game and any other games you release.} and its a real pain to change it later on and there’s no guarantee you will be able to change it. the only GUARANTEE is to create a new account with the new dev name so If I were you I would think very very carefully about these things before taking the plunge and signing up. the good news it though YOU CAN change your product name so there is some weight off of your shoulders.


Thing to know 4 : It costs £100 but you get that back after you make £1000

Yes it costs per game to upload onto steam, $100 to be precise, this is an effort from steam to filter undesirable games, do note though your profile and game are not automatically accepted, there is a heavy vetting process of you, your company and your games build. you don’t want to mess this up so make sure you take your time and fill in everything correctly and test your builds before submitting !!!! T

Thing to know 3 : steam take a healthy cut of 25%

This is a little steep however your placing yourself in a marketplace full of opportunity and a expansive world of hungry gamers looking for their next gaming addiction. steam usually take a 30% reduced to 25% after an antiviral 50 million dollars in revenue in sales. have been made. however if you are submitting by steam direct its 25% off the bat on 20% after the 50 million.

Thing to know 2 : you can start your steam page now and your should !

good idea to start because of kick starter This is essential to get screenshots and early videos and description out as soon as possible so potential customers can add to their steam wish lists and will be notified upon your games release. its all great for kick starter as it adds that professional edge if you have a steam page, some backers deem it a essential even.


Thing to know 1 :  you need to have your national insurance and business type / information available

, if it just you freelancing then select the sole trader options. - probably the most important of the lot and definitely the least exciting you need to make sure you have business information, tax information, your nation insurance number and all of your personal details ready to enter, remember you are ultimately opening a business so steam need to be thorough, just hang in there you will be through it all and creating your developer page in no time !


well guys those are 5 things to know before submitting to steam,  Thank you all comments welcome :)


Steam Direct Submission Page:


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