2014's biggest retail sellers revealed

Ubisoft let slip the biggest retail-selling games in the Western market in its latest results -- no surprises, but it's interesting data nonetheless.

Alongside its latest results, Ubisoft released a list of the top 10 biggest sellers at video game retail in the U.S. and the UK.

The point of the list is to justify the company's investments in open-world games -- an expensive one, and a difficult genre eto work in -- to its investors, as that's the basket the company has put its eggs in (hence the green highlight on open-world games in the image below.)

But it offers a peek into what really sells across the globe. The data was compiled by the NPD Group (which tracks U.S. sales) and GFK Chart-Track (which follows the UK market.)

Gamasutra has instituted a general policy not to report retail-only sales figures -- these leave out all digital downloads, a massive portion of the game industry at this point -- but it's full-year data, which is more enticing.

Here, then, is 2014's top 10 most popular games, courtesy Ubisoft (and as noticed by NeoGAF).

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