World of Tanks' Wargaming establishes mobile-only game division

Two years after it funded a stand-alone mobile game studio, Wargaming has finally committed to mobile by launching a whole new division, WG Cells, dedicated to making and publishing mobile games.

Two years after World of Tanks overseer Wargaming made a show of exploring the mobile market by fully funding mobile game studio DropForge Games, the company is making it official by launching a new division, WG Cells, dedicated to making and publishing mobile games.

This is chiefly interesting as a reminder that Wargaming hasn't actually had a dedicated mobile games division, though it has seen remarkable success with its free-to-play mobile World of Tanks spinoff World of Tanks Blitz

The the company cites the success of Blitz as its chief reason for launching WG Cells, which will incorporate DropForge's staff and portfolio -- including Loot & Legends, the mobile revamp of Blue Manchu's Card Hunter.

WG Cells will be jointly led by Wargaming exec Marat Karpeko and (now-former) DropForge CEO David Bluhm. Wargaming aims to manage the division from its headquarters in Cyprus, though operations will be carried out in DropForge's hometown of Seattle and at Wargaming's office in the Ukrainian city of Kiev.

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