Sinespace dev partners with Unity to let Asset Store creators sell models in-game

A new partnership will let Unity Asset Store creators sell their 3D models to players in free-to-play MMO Sandbox, Sinespace.

Sine Wave Entertainment, the studio behind free-to-play MMO sandbox Sinespace, has partnered with Unity to allow Asset Store creators to sell their 3D models to players through the in-game shop.

As of today, Unity Asset Store users can opt in to sell their content to a global audience of Sinespace players, and will receive 70 percent of revenue from all sales. 

Those creators looking to join the program will need to visit the sign up page and complete a short review. Once approved, their Asset Store content will be automatically ported into the Sinespace in-game store, where they'll be made available as interactive in-app purchases. 

"We’re excited to announce this opportunity both for gamers and our community of content creators, who will now have access to over a million assets through Sinespace, and be able to sell their 3D models directly to consumers," said Unity’s Peter O’Reilly, head of commercialization. "It’s a great opportunity that allows us to develop the huge, fast-growing virtual goods market."

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