My Time at Portia devs compensate voice actors for unpaid wages

Pathea Games, developer behind the role-playing game My Time at Portia, has come under fire over reportedly withholding payments to its voice actors for several months. 

Pathea Games, developer behind the role-playing game My Time at Portia, has come under fire over reportedly withholding payments to its voice actors for several months. 

Although seemingly resolved at this point, this is still important to highlight, especially since developers (both big and small) should pay their workers and contractors a fair, agreed-upon rate in a timely manner. 

The problem seems to date back as far as October 2018, where the treatment of My Time At Portia's voice actors was detailed in a Steam thread (which has since been locked).

Most of the issues seemed to revolve around compensation, with the author of the post writing how voice actors were reportedly "being paid only $50 for 100 plus lines of voiced dialogue." 

A handful of voice actors took to Twitter to express their dismay over how Pathea Games has handled the situation thus far. As of January 19, My Time At Portia sits at number one in the Steam global top sellers list, leading many to wonder if the sales from those copies sold are finally being used to pay contractors. 

Pathea Games has put out a statement over the issue as well, explaining how it was an "oversight issue with one of our designers," although it's unclear if that means said designer forgot about the voice actors or they didn't oversee the actors properly. 

Can’t write that long comment here on twitter, so please see the content in the picture below. For the voice acting issue we’re facing. #MyTimeatPortia

— PatheaGames (@PatheaGames) January 22, 2019

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