Hades wins the Nebula Award for Best Game Writing

Supergiant's roguelike action dungeon crawler Hades has been honored with the 2020 Nebula Award for Best Game Writing.

Supergiant's roguelike action dungeon crawler Hades has been honored with a Nebula Award for Best Game Writing

The title was written by Supergiant creative director Greg Kasavin and was nominated for the award alongside Spiritfarer, Kentucky Route Zero, Blaseball, The Luminous Underground, and Scents & Semiosis.

Acknowledging the win on Twitter, Kasavin took the time to spotlight some of the works that inspired him such as Wing Commander II, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Grim Fandango, and said it's important to highlight that "great game writing has been around for a long time."

"I think game writing today pushes more boundaries than ever before, and is often used more thoughtfully more often, though I think it's important to acknowledge that great game writing has has been around for a long time. '80s text adventures were only as good as their writing," he wrote.

The Nebula Awards are presided over by full members of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, and recognise the best works of science fiction or fantasy published across a range of categories. 

Video game writers have only been eligible for the awards since the addition of the Best Game Writing category in 2018, and previous winners include the writing team behind The Outer Worlds and Black Mirror: Bandersnatch creator and writer Charlie Brooker.

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