Goat Simulator dev picks up minority stake in Lavapotion

Goat Simulator creator Coffee Stain Studios continues to diversify its business ops, and has just invested in newly formed game dev, Lavapotion.

Goat Simulator creator Coffee Stain Studios continues to diversify its business ops, and has just invested in newly formed game dev, Lavapotion. 

According to a press release detailing the investment, Coffee Stain is acting solely as an investor at this stage, and has picked up a minority stake in the Gothenburg-based studio for an undisclosed fee. 

Although there's no talk of a publishing deal between the pair right now, it wouldn't be unprecedented. Coffee Stain recently cut the ribbon on its own full-fledged publishing arm, and has dabbled in that side of the industry before now. 

"We haven't actually signed for a publishing deal; it is a straight up investment," said Lavapotion co-founder Magnus Alm. "To be clear, we really enjoy working with the team at Coffee Stain and we would be very open to discuss publishing as well."

Lavapotion is currently only a four-person outfit, but plans to scale-up as its first project, a fantasy strategy title for PC and mobile, takes shape.

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