Game of War dev's latest tech spin-off is a giant open data sponge

The company formerly known as Machine Zone has launched another venture built upon its connectivity tech: Satori, a giant aggregator of open data that devs can tap into & turn to their own purposes.

MZ, the company formerly known as Machine Zone, has launched another venture built upon its connectivity tech: Satori, a giant aggregator of open data (think: RSS feeds, weather data, traffic reports, etc) that devs can tap into and turn to their own purposes. 

While Satori is being pitched to developers of all stripes, game developers will recognize that the networking technology driving it was honed in the course of Machine Zone's work on its chart-topping free-to-play mobile games (Game of War: Fire Age and Mobile Strike.)

Machine Zone laid out its plan to spin off that technology into a more broadly applicable networking platform last year, when it rebranded itself as MZ. A little over a month later the company announced the tech was being used to beef up New Zealand's transit systems, and now it seems that New Zealand effort is being pitched as a glowing use case of Satori.

"The state of open data is a mess,” MZ chief Gabe Leydon recently told VentureBeat. “It exists on thousands of siloed websites all over the world, making it difficult for developers and open data publishers to realize the full potential of public data.”

Developers interested in checking out what Satori can do (it's currently earmarked as being in beta) should check out the company's developer page. To attract devs, the company is also running a contest (with a $1M prize pool) through uly 3rd to see who can create the "Most Impactful Live Open Data Channel we've ever seen."

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