Bulletstorm dev People Can Fly opens new UK and Poland studios

People Can Fly has opened up two new studios to support the development of a triple-A shooter the developer is working on in partnership with Square Enix.

Newsbrief: Bulletstorm developer People Can Fly has opened up two new studios, both of which now join the developer’s work on a triple-A shooter being created in partnership with Square Enix. 

The first of the two, People Can Fly UK, is housed in Newcastle and quietly opened its doors back in September 2017. The other, People Can Fly Rzeszow, is the developer’s second studio in Poland and is staffed by 30 devs, many of whom worked on games in the Sniper: Ghost Warrior series.

“We decided in 2017 to open a new studio in Newcastle, the UK, to attract not only local talent, but also to attract the best developers within the UK. We want this team to grow to 20-30 developers within the next 12-18 months,” explained People Can Fly CEO Sebastian Wojciechowski in a statement

“When CI Games decided to restructure its operations, we immediately decided to open a new studio in Rzeszów to allow those great developers to keep on working together as a team, and to contribute to the game we’re working on,” he continues. “Our intention is to give both new studios, in Newcastle and in Rzeszów, the opportunity to work on features or part of the game independently from the Warsaw team.”

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