Minecraft Developer Adds One To Deliberately Small Staff Count

Minecraft developer Mojang has added a new member to its deliberately small development team, with former Fabrication Games artist Henrik Pettersson joining as a "full time 2D artist."
Minecraft developer Mojang has added a new member to its deliberately small development team, announcing that Henrik Pettersson has joined the staff as a graphical artist. The announcement was made via the personal Twitter account of Mojang founder Markus Persson on Monday. Pettersson specializes in 2D art, which he will contribute to Mojang's Scrolls, according to a post on his Twitter account this morning. Prior to Mojang, Pettersson was at Fabrication Games, working on titles that include 2D platformer Un Juego de Huevos for the Zeebo, a low cost download-only console developed for emerging markets. Fabrication also developed iOS titles Bug Fest and Free Zombie Hero: Kill Angry War Ninja, among others. Mojang's popular Minecraft recently surpassed over 3 million sales. The game is set to have a specialized convention in Las Vegas later this year. Despite its success, Mojang has remained intentionally small: its staff headcount is still under twenty, by all accounts.

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