Draw Something's growth slowing on Facebook

Every other week, Gamasutra examines the most popular Facebook games, including Omgpop/Zynga's mobile and social hit Draw Something, which is growing its audience a little slower now.
[Every other week, Gamasutra examines the most popular Facebook games according to monthly active users, looking at the top titles and developers on the social network to see who's attracting or losing players.] Omgpop and Zynga's Facebook app listing for Draw Something (the mobile versions hook into the social network's API, so it shows up AppData's rankings as an app) is still picking up users, but it's no longer bringing in several million new players a week like it was for the past month. Draw Something gained about 800,000 new monthly active users in the last week, and is now up to 33.2 million total. It still has the biggest daily audience for any Facebook app with its 14.3 million players, but it's been stuck around that mark for weeks. It's beginning to look unlikely that Draw Something will surpass the most popular game on Facebook, Zynga's CityVille, any time soon. That title, though, has lost 1.2 million monthly users in the last two weeks, and is down to now 43.7 million. Texas HoldEm Poker is also ahead of Draw Something with 35.8 million players (up from 35 million two weeks ago). Hidden Chronicles is the fourth most popular app with 28.4 million users (down from 29.6 million). Both are developed by Zynga. Two more Zynga titles follow those on Facebook's App Leaderboard: FarmVille at #5 with 27.4 million players (down from 28.3), and CastleVille with 26.2 million users (down from 26.8 million). Rovio's Facebook version of mobile phenomenon Angry Birds takes #7, jumping a spot from after gaining 1.5 million players -- it now has 20.8 million users. Zynga then comes back with Words with Friends with 20.2 million players (down from 20.4 million). The final two spots in the App Leaderboard's top ten list for the games category belong to's Bubble Witch Saga with 18.5 million users (up from 18.4 million), and Wooga's Diamond Dash with 18 million players (down from 18.4 million). You can see the full list of the top 20 Facebook games along with exact monthly active user counts below: All charts and data are courtesy of Facebook application metrics and trends site AppData.

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