I released my demo after 2 years, being sincere, I'm a little tired

Have been with one only thing in my mind for two years, my GAME.
Going to be Sincere, making games is both Awesome and Hard. Through this path of two years i have learned a sea of things, things like [art, marketing, game design, sfx, story telling, etc.].

My Beginning

Truly I've never being an artistic guy, until two years ago that i have started my game dev path, beginning from 0 with Photoshop and learning pixel art, becoming better and better. I see my old landscapes and not going to lie, a little cringe pass through my body :) but i also compare them with the current ones and think "Wow, i have improve a TON" and that puts a smile on my face.

I've already some knowledge about programming since that was my favorite thing to do on my university career, truly that's one of my strengths. Almost all my code is from scratch. And with the other aspects of game dev, as everybody i have been improving and improving.

Demo Preparation

Preparing your DEMO to be ready isn't an easy and quick task, you have to be sure that every thing is on the right place, make that every thing looks amazing and also that looks professional. Also no need to say that you will test it like a hundred times, fixing every Bug there is (By the way, when people plays it they are going to find bugs that you never thought they'll exist). Then the process of uploading to Steam isn't a walk in the park if it is your first time, i had like 4 open cases with Steam Support discussing why the Demo wasn't approved, it was just because some politics of the company. Finally setting all right at Steam, now the MARKETING, and i cap it all because the marketing campaign of a videogame is no joke, and this is still for a Demo, for the launch of the whole game is going to be ten times bigger.


Glad to be an student, course by Thomas brush. Course heavily focussed on Marketing, it has a lot Marketing type campaigns, it really guides you, but then you have to work really hard to elaborate this campaigns, currently i'm continuely doing more and more of this.

Between posting regularly in social platforms, interact with the community, building an Email list, reaching to press so they'll cover your game, this are some kind of marketing campaigns you will deal.

All this process ain't joke, and sometimes i really feel tired, but i said to myself, common if you don't do this, who else is going to make it for you. Good things in life cost.

I'm constantly doing my best, and i really think everyone that plays the DEMO is going to enjoy it. I really can't wait for everyone to play it and hear the feedback, it is a dream com true.


Here i'm gonna leave the link so you can play it:

Anything you want to tell me please do it

Thank you for reading


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