Global accessibility awareness day 2022

Collection of announcements, initiatives, launches and events from this year's event

Global Accessibility Awareness Day is event that takes place on the third Thursday of every May, with the goal of raising awareness about digital accessibility. Every successive year the games industry has been embracing it to ever greater levels.

It's looking like 2022 is no exception, including the return of some in-person events. Some of the efforts are not public knowledge, companies holding private internal initiatives, individuals sending emails around their teams, and so on. But many are public knowledge, including some pretty huge announcements.

So here's the result of my social media scouring on the day, a list of all of the great happenings that I was able to find -

Antonio Martínez

Twitch stream with Victor Andre and Vantezzle, discussing why accessibility matters while playing Division 2


Unveiling of Buddy Controller, iOS/Mac equivalent of Co-pilot on Xbox and Tandem on Stadia, allowing the input from two controllers to act as one

Showcase of iOS games that make strong accessibility efforts


Interview with Melanie Eilert


Twitter thread on why accessibility matters

Can I Play That? and DAGERsystem

Announcement of the aquisition of CanIPlayThat by DAGERSystem in a partnership that will create the largest resource for game-accessibility journalism in the world, pooling resources and expertise and ensuring both stability and scalable growth for the years to come

Carrier Watterton

Personal origin story thread of how she got into accessibility

Chang School

Thread on how MAze3D was made accessible, including to blind playerss

Courtney Craven

Twitter thread with tips and best practices for teaching about accessibility, gleaned from their experiences of running accessibility workshops


Diamond award winners announcement - overall winner to New Pokémon Snap, barrier breaker for Insomniac's game speed controls


Announcement that over a quarter of a million Madden 22 players have used colourblind settings

Egor Dorogov

Showcase of accessibility considerations in Fay's Factory

Eidos Montreal

A week of internal talks on a range of accessibility topics, from disabled advocates & socialists Amy Kavanagh, Tiffany Witcher, Laura Kate Dale and Paul Amadeus Lane

Family Gaming Database

Site refresh and post/video showcasing the work of the site, useful resources, and people to follow


Launch of new aim mode aimed at reducing motion sickness


Playlist of 5 years worth of lived experience talks, disabled people sharing their personal experiences of disability and accessibility

Humphrey 'nohandsnoexcuses' Hanley

Twitch showcase of Apex Legends' accessibility considerations

Hyper Luminal

Accessibility pledge, committing to building a workforce who will champion inclusive design and built it into the core values and ethos of the studio

Ian Hamilton

2022 edition of the GAAD annual accessibility trivia quiz


Article by IGEA CEO Ron Curry encouraging developers to actively consider accessibility, including new data showing 60% of Australian players want to see a greater focus on accessibility & inclusion

Kirikiri Games

Conference talk at Agora on the development of blind friendly mobile game To the Dragon Cave

Logitech G

Twitch channel takeover by 8 disabled streamers & content creators - Jolty, CtrlAltQuin, DJBluePDX, Jay Justice, Steve Saylor, Chris 'DeafgamersTV' Robinson, and Humphrey 'nohandsnoexcuse' Hanley

Many Cats Studios

The return of the "one minute accessibility tips" video series

Media Molecule

Announcement of an accessibility-focused community jam in Dreams, and sharing new accessibility guidelines for Dreams creators

Upgrade to Dreams' accessibility playlists, including new categorisation


Virtual lessons and lesson plans on real world accessibility for classrooms around the world , taught through the the Buildability, a Minecraft: Education Edition world designed to help students understand, identify, and work to eliminate accessibility barriers in their school and community.


Interview with Eidos Montreal about the accessibility innovation in Guardians Of The Galaxy

Nikki Crenshaw

Twitter thread highlighting advocates and content creators

Paulina Baltzar

Sharing the first couple of data points from her research into disabled players of multiplayer games

PlayStation London

Publicly sharing their internal collection of accessibility resources and links


Article on the Accessibility Features in Sniper Elite 5 on Xbox Wire

New Accessibility feedback channel on the Rebellion Discord

Detailed list with screenshots for accessing helpful settings and features in Sniper Elite 5

Accessibility showcase of eight games

Queens of the Drone Age

Podcast with Rae Johnston about a handless gaming bracelet

Santa Monica Studio

Preview of a selection of the suite of accessibility considerations in God Of War Ragnarök, alongside an audio-described trailer


Twitch showcase of three accessible games


Thread of things that give him greater agency in video games as a sightless player

Video explaining how the concept of sighted assistance works

Soft Leaf Studios

Video showcase of audio description, why it matters, and how it is used to make Stories of Blossom accessible to blind players


Video of Matthew Gallant, Mila Pavlin, Morgan Baker, Michelle Zorilla, Paul Amadeus Lane and Em Schatz talking about the importance of accessibility

SIE blog post sharing progress made across the business in the past year

Update the Accessibility Collection on the PlayStation Store with some new releases that showcase great accessibility and inclusive design

GAAD message from Sony chairman/president/CEO Kenichiro Yoshida, calling out PlayStation's accessibility efforts

Save & rewind functionality for PS1 and PSP games


Video and post to thank the public and industry for their support, showcasing people who have been helped by SpecialEffect's work


Homepage takeover by disabled content creators - TiffanyWitcher, DynamicReactoins, CoinFuryTV, jtownholla, CocoConfession, Nitakine, CookingWithoutLooking, Imakuni and Imperial


Interview with Raashi Sikka and David Tisserand about the reasons for and impact of merging the accessibility team with the diversity & inclusion team


Launch of the Xbox ASL Twitch channel, that features American Sign Language interpretation for original livestreams

Article sharing Xbox progress and innovations over recent months

And to finish on, a couple of quotes -

"Now we're having that next level conversation about how can we execute this better, how can we push this even further? Who's breaking the boundaries, who's pushing the frontiers? Who's trying new things that nobody's tried before? It's an exciting challenge to take on"
- Matthew Gallant, Naughty Dog

"To all disabled people and a11y advocates - take time for self care. don't work for free. go where you are wanted and valued."
- Tolu

GAAD 2022 is set for May 18th!

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