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A Note from the New Editor-in-Chief

A quick note from Game Developer's new Editor-in-Chief, Danielle Riendeau!

Hi there, I’m Danielle Riendeau, and I’m thrilled to be writing my first post here as the site’s brand new Editor-in-Chief. You may know me from other places around the industry: I’ve previously worked as the Editor-in-Chief of, the Managing Editor of Waypoint, and a Senior Reviewer at Polygon! Maybe you’re an old-school Idle Thumbs fan (I was a Thumb, once), or you’re just now hearing about this Danielle person. No matter what, I’m very happy — and genuinely honored — to be here!

I said this in my interviews (and my announcement when I got the post), but I have been a Game Developer reader for a very long time, having even been a longtime subscriber to the print magazine years ago. I use pieces from the site as weekly readings in the game design classes I teach, and routinely do the same with GDC talks from the vault.

Not only has the site been a valuable resource for me, but I’ve long been a fan of its focus and editorial voice, and as I’ve dipped my toes further into development myself, I’ve found the coverage here even more inspiring.

To say that this excites me is an understatement! I’m thrilled to see what the days and weeks ahead will bring, to work with the folks here to continue publishing work that is smart, rewards curiosity and engagement — and frankly — that you can’t find anywhere else. It’s only my second day, but I’m already really impressed by and comfortable with the culture here, thanks to this incredible and welcoming team. I’m pumped to start bringing my ideas and energy to the table.

To that end, I love interacting with folks and fielding ideas from readers. So if there are indeed content types or areas you’d like to see more of, please feel free to reach out to me on Twitter or co-host!

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