The IGF 2021 call for judges is now open!

Developers, journalists, academics, now is the time to join the 2021 IGF Awards as an official Judge! Submit your application today.

Today's the day: Applications are now open to serve as a judge in the 2021 Independent Games Festival Awards!

As in years past, IGF organizers have issued the call for new judges via this application form. We're always looking for new game developers, journalists and academics to be a part of the judging body for this competition, so if you think you'd be a good fit, apply before January 11th, 2021!

If you are involved in the games industry in any capacity and are not submitting a game to this year's festival, feel free to express your interest in becoming a judge by filling out the application. We're also welcoming interest in Jury participation: Jury members are a small, select group of industry experts who make the honorable mention, finalist and winner selections.

We will be accepting applications through January 11th, 2021. Please note that we can't guarantee all applications will be accepted -- if you've been selected, you'll receive an email from us when our judging process begins.

If you were a judge for the 2020 IGF awards and rated at least one game, you will be automatically invited and do not need to complete this form! If any information has changed you can update it by logging into your account once the Judging phase is active and updating it there.

Now that submissions are officially open for IGF 2021, you can refer to our official rules for the IGF Competition in much greater detail.

The IGF Awards will once again be held during GDC week and are available to attend for all GDC 2021 pass-holders. If you can't be there in person, enjoy the awards livestreamed on the official GDC Twitch channel Wednesday, July 21st, 2021 !

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to drop us an email at chairperson (at) We look forward to welcoming a new judges for this year’s Festival!

IGF, GDC, and Gamasutra are sibling organizations under Informa Tech

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