Start your week with a great first day of GDC Showcase

It's the first day of GDC Showcase! Check out some sessions you can see at this all-free, all-digital GDC event.

It’s the first day of GDC Showcase! In this all-virtual, 100 percent free event from the organizers of Game Developers Conference, you’ll have loads of opportunities to learn from some of the game industry’s top minds and access free lessons from a number of great sponsors.

In case you’re just tuning in, the first day of GDC Showcase has a number of great events, all taking place on the Swapcard platform. You can start watching just by registering here!

Here’s some reasons why you might want to join us:

At 9AM PT, legendary game designer Warren Spector will be hanging out in chat, taking questions about his postmortem of Deus Ex.

At 10AM PT, Beautiful Glitch’s Julián Quijano will be giving a talk on writing games to build internet fandoms.

At 12:30 PT, Sucker Punch’s Brian Fleming will be taking your questions in an AMA about the making of Ghost of Tsushima.

At 1PM PT, NVIDIA will be hosting a sponsored session on developing games for its next-generation RTX GPUs.

And at 1:35PM PT, The GDC Podcast will be recording its first live episode of the week with University of Miami professor Lindsay Grace.

There’s so much more to see at GDC Showcase! You can find the full schedule here. Join us for an exciting week celebrating the world of game development!

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