See how Ghost of Tsushima’s Guiding Wind came to life at GDC 2021

Find out how Sucker Punch created Ghost of Tsushima's Guiding Wind mechanic at GDC 2021.

In the vast open-world of Ghost of Tsushima, samurai Jin Sakai is guided from objective to objective not with a giant arrow or map marker, but with a simulation of the flowing wind gusting toward his destination.

Hailed as a groundbreaking and immersive mechanic for open-world navigation, the Guiding Wind was only possible thanks to the hard work of the developers at Sucker Punch Entertainment. One of those developers, Bill Rockenbeck, will be offering a postmortem of the Guiding Wind system at the all-digital 2021 Game Developers Conference.

In this session, you’ll learn how Sucker Punch united different systems in concert to simulate wind-driven motion. He’ll break down how the wind simulates interactions with cloth, grass, and hundreds of thousands of particles, all while making the most of the PlayStation GPU.

If you tune in to Rockenbeck’s talk, you’ll also have the opportunity to ask him questions in Swapcard’s chat feature while watching the presentation. You’ll also be able to view his talk on-demand during the entire week of GDC 2021.

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