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Mediasoft's JumpSmash Legend finally hits on Windows Phone NOW!!!

Good News!!! Mediasoft Ent. has now finally come out with Windows Phone version for JumpSmash Legend. Download now to feel the adrenaline rush as you drop a shot and experience the roar of the crowd as you win the championships through your mobile device.

        It will be a different experience of badminton simulation game-playing. You can beat the greatest active badminton player in the world with just moving your fingers on the screen.
        All the hit and smash to the shuttlecock become easily, instead of keep running on the court, chasing the tiny flying object all the time, to strike it over the net with full of energy before it drop on the floor. You even save your pocket money from buying a racquet and the high-cost shuttlecock, but still able to feel the excitements of the unique racquet sport.

        It’s a little joke about the pocket money. It seems inappropriate to make such discourse, while the feeling of achievement on a real game sport is always higher than you gained in a sport simulation game. But, in fact, the new release Jump Smash™ Legend is an awesome game for those badminton enthusiasts, or they are badminton hobbyist but too busy to play badminton games in a stadium; in other words, the high realistic badminton simulation game may fulfill your requirement in this point. Presented by Mediasoft Entertainment, the new features in the full version will win your attention onto it.


        The Jump Smash™ Legend is controlled with just fingers swipe in movement and every hit, instead of an annoying virtual stick. It’s a quite good selection by the developer, on optimizing the manipulation of the game.

         Some may question about the handleability or the effects obtained; besides that, it remains a low difficulty of gameplay which suitable for anyone, even an amateur of racquet sports can made a powerful smash like Lin Dan or a crafty net play like Lee Chong Wei. All various movements and techniques performed with high realistic effects if you swipe the screen right on time, thus judgment on timing and quickness is all you need in playing this game.

        Easy? Seems like yes, but more than that. Sometimes it has to use some luck or super skill to beat a five star opponent. But in the most of the time, once you handled the key to make a terrific jump smash, to win a match without losing any scores isn’t a big deal.
        To become a professional Jump Smash player, there are some objectives to done. Imagine that you are a rookie into the badminton academy, and then the first thing you have to do is to learn basic skill, of course. Train your skill in the Training mode provided.

        Actually it’s just some introductions of swiping, differences in its direction, length and speed of fingertips. With just spent a few minutes on it, you can take a quick 1 on 1 match in an Exhibition mode, or bravely join for the championship tournament. A simple, reasonable and thoughtful arrangement for the gameplay, build a player’s career with the modes. 

Graphics and sounds
        Like every good quality realistic sport simulation game does, a fantastic audiovisual effects and great atmosphere is the necessary.
        There is a lot of badminton simulation game in several platforms, but lacked of some real world features among them. That is the saddest part for a sport game lover. By the way, you may pick up a random character, possibly in a cartoon style, just for a casually play and spend your before-bed time, perhaps.

        But, when you able to start a badminton match in exciting theme music, walk into the court majestically meanwhile the crowd is welcoming with cheers and applauses; trust me, you will forget about the boredom and jump into the game unconsciously. Not to mention the sound effect of shuttle smashing, or the audiences’ woo while you missed point, even the called by the umpire, always make you feel like inside the court of All England Championship.


What’s new?

        Jump Smash™ Legend is more than a usual badminton game. Instead of a drab and dour match playing, It is rather has better replayability with additional of JS store features. It’s not simply a sportswear shop with those accessories such as racquet, shoes, shirts and others else. Besides of the customization on the character’s look, you even can advance the player’s ability with unlocked some extra skill.

        For example, to perform super skill ten times continuously or gets triple points with every score. Admit it, it’ll be the most powerful badminton skill you ever had. Or, when you get injured in the half of the match, a fast recovery’s function will save you from the elimination. Of course, nothing with free. Win the matches and earn some coins, then own the super power.


The Verdict
        It might be the best overall badminton simulation game out there. But nothing is perfect. Besides the beautiful graphic, the motions should be smoother. And take a look into the control, sometimes you can’t hit a shot what you expected, or unable to hit the shuttlecock over to the back of the court. Or maybe it needs a period to master the skills. Anyway, 3D graphics, real world stuff, variable game play with acceptable controller, still combined to a worthy game to install in your mobile device.


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